October 24, 2009

My family, my guineapigs

I love all my family for many reasons.  We are a very generous, loving family full of wit, intelligence, and good taste.  For every and any occasion I bring dessert, of course.  And my wonderful family members always give me free reign - does that not prove their intelligence and good taste?  So I happily oblige and create something special for each occasion.

The chocolate mocha truffle cake I created for my cousin and her husband (two exceptionally witty and intelligent and tasteful people who designed and created this lovely site for me) for their wedding last fall:

And now they are expecting!  So for a combo baby shower / birthday party, another special cake.  I know that they both love my snickers tart, so I built it into a cake; dark, rich chocolate cake, filled with chopped toasted peanuts, buttery caramel, and peanut butter mousse, then masked with a light chocolate buttercream (it was an afternoon party, after all, have to keep it light).  Divine.


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