September 11, 2009

Peach Melba

There is no no arguing with a Niagara peach.  Only a Georgia peach can come close, and California wouldn't stand a chance in a peach-off  (I lived in California for 3 years - I am NOT biased).

Peach Melba was created in 1893 by the venerated chef Auguste Escoffier for the opera soprano Dame Nellie Melba (also of Melba Toast fame).  The original dessert starred an ice sculpture swan filled with vanilla ice cream and peaches, topped with spun sugar.  He added raspberry sauce in a later version.

Our peach melba honours these flavours in tart form.  A thin layer of raspberry sauce on the bottom, filled with the richest vanilla bean pastry cream, topped with a fresh poached perfect Ontario peach.  Heaven.


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